Test Administration

Measurement Research Associates provides the opportunity for Board candidates to take computerized certification examinations at local testing centers across the country or remotely proctored from their home or office. Computer based testing allows candidates to take a certification examination in a convenient testing center. Testing centers located close to home, offer privacy, and provide a quiet, comfortable, and secure testing environment. Online remoted proctored exams offer the convenience of at-home delivery using a candidate’s own technology with which they are familiar. Both testing formats are tailored to meet the needs of each Board’s unique candidate population while maintaining crucial security standards.

Pearson VUE – Computer Based Testing Tutorial

To better prepare candidates for test day, please click  here to be directed to the Pearson VUE website and the opportunity to navigate your way through a computer-based demo exam.

Candidate Testimonials

I was very concerned about the computer based exam since I have never taken a computer-based exam before. However, the experience was great…the room was so much more comfortable than the useful hotel conference rooms where I have taken previous board exams. I like the small room atmosphere and the self-paced option (one can return from lunch and start the afternoon exam when ready). The questions were clear and easy to read.

The registration process was easy and handled very appropriately without any problems. I would continue using the Pearson Testing center. It was professional, close to home, quiet, easy to use, and I had very minimal travel costs. I wish all my professional exams used something similar.

Overall, it was very convenient to have the exam available at more than one center. The computer system was very easy to use and understand and the exam went very smoothly. Although I was somewhat hesitant before taking the exam, I think all medical specialties should consider testing in this manner

I was worried about the computer testing but it worked out much better than anticipated.

An excellent method to administer the examination that was comfortable, quiet, and less expensive overall.

As a 40 year-old MD, I’ve taken a lot of exams. This was my first computer-based exam and I thought the experience was great. I was fortunate to have a Pearson center very close to my home, even though I live in a very small city. The staff there was friendly, competent, and efficient.

The computer-based testing was superb! I found it tremendously better than the bubble sheet testing from two years ago. Please continue.

I very much liked the computer based testing. My testing site ran extremely efficiently and was very convenient.

Taking the online tutorial for the computer exam made the mechanics of taking the computer exam easy.