About Us

Who We Are

Measurement Research Associates, now a business unit of Data Recognition Corporation, was established in 1985 (Incorporated, 1996) to provide quality and personalized psychometric services to certification and licensure boards and associations.

Measurement Research Associates works primarily with medical and dental specialty certification and licensure boards and associations, and our services cover all aspects of test development and psychometric analysis, as well as test administration. Specific details of projects will be provided on request.

Services We Provide

Content Design and Test Development

• Design and Development of Written, Oral, Performance, and Portfolio Examinations
• Job Task/Practice Analysis
• Test Development Workshops
• Item Editing
• SME Management
• Item Writer Training
• Test Development Services Evaluation and Audit

Psychometric and Research Services

• Analysis of Surveys for Validation Studies
• Standard Setting, including Multiple-Choice and Oral Examinations
• Examination Analysis with Classical Test Theory and IRT
• Scaling and Equating Analysis
• Analysis of Multiple-Choice, Oral, Performance, Portfolio, and Longitudinal Assessments
• Production of Performance Reports for Candidates and Training Programs
• Psychometric Services Evaluation and Audit

Examination Administration

• Online Test Administration through Pearson VUE (OnVUE)
• Computer Based and Adaptive Test Administration through Pearson VUE
• Training in Alternate Methods of Test Administration
• Training of Oral Examiners